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A guided inquiry text with a proven record of success in both attitudes and retention.*

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Phenomenal Physics is a walk through the exciting world of physics in which the reader becomes the scientist and is actively involved in the discovery and learning process. This is no traditional physics text!

Rather, the now popular guided inquiry method is used to involve the reader in a minds-on and hands-on exploration of the basic concepts of a subject many have found intimidating or inaccessible. A sense of humor and an easy to ready personal and intimate writing style can be found throughout. The target audience is young learners through adult. The only prerequisite is a sense of curiosity.

In the book you will discover a treasure trove of ideas accumulated over a career of teaching assembled in the form of exercises and easy-to-read text designed to enable the reader to discover how nature works.

*As evidenced by published physics education results from multi-institutional student surveys utilizing both FCI (Force Concept Inventory) and CLASS (Colorado Learning and Attitudes Student Survey) as measurement tools. Normalized gains data indicate that student retention, attitudes, and a grasp of fundamental concepts are greatly enhanced.
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